Hello, my name is Ade Viankakrisna Fadlil, this is my personal site. I am a web developer specializing in WordPress and Web Apps. I consider myself to be proficient in CSS (SASS/LESS), JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, Underscore), and PHP (WordPress). On project, I usually automate things using gulp to run sass, browsersync, and various other. I’m obsessed with Google’s Material Design.

Here is some of the projects that i have done:

Material Player

A material designed multimedia player. Supports local and googgle drive files.


Developed the main slider using jQuery and CSS3 transform, use Angular and WordPress REST-API for the mobile site.


Developed WordPress theme from the ground up based on client’s design.

JS Loader

Co-developed this WordPress plugin for downloading various JavaScript library with Mr. Ivan Kristianto.


Using stellar to create the parallax effect.


Showcasing JavaScript string manipulation and encodeURI() method.

Useful CSS Tricks

Slides of useful CSS tricks created using fullPage.js.


Extended JavaScript string manipulation and encodeURI method.


Since March 2015, I also work in various other projects with my employer, Calibreworks.

Find Me!

Find me on the net using viankakrisna keyword. There’s no other one with that name :).

My Blog

I usually just WP This! interesting articles that I found on the web. But I occasionally write things too. So feel free to read it!